Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Truly Rewarding Experience!

Would I do study abroad again? Yes!
My experience with study abroad was phenomenal because I made some lifelong friendships. Spending time with others, seeing them everyday, and making lasting memories with them is an experience that stays with you. Spending every day with these people, you're bound to make friends. Sure, there were some stressful moments like rushing to catch the Metro in Rome, finding our way around by using a map and asking for directions during our free time, and a little unexpected rain but little things like these are impossible to avoid. They teach you something though; they teach you how to manage yourself in a foreign country; they force you to become more independent; they teach you that there is so much to explore, so much more to see and experience beyond what you already know and beyond what already is so familiar to you. They inspire you to expand your horizons. I had never been abroad before. Now that I've been abroad once, I want to go again and again as much as I can. It truly is an experience that stays with you. Beyond the photos you may take or the ticket stubs or souvenirs that you may bring back, there are the memories that will never fade and the friendships that were formed. You come back a more mentally enriched person. People are interested in picking your brain and are curious as to what you have experienced and what you have learned about the country you visited, about the culture, the food, the daily life. It truly is amazing. I took a travel journal and I started writing in it but about three days into the trip I stopped because there were simply too many things to write about and all I wanted at the end of each day was to get some sleep. With so many beautiful places to go see, there was no time to get bored!

Out to lunch with our Margherita (cheese) pizzas!

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